Apsara Trinidad opened its doors to business at the Grand Bazaar Plaza in 1996. Over the past sixteen years Apsara has developed a reputation for consistent good quality authentic Northern India Food.

In 1998 the restaurant was relocated to grand stately landmark house at 13 Queens Park East, Port of Spain. In 2004, Apsara opened in Barbados with great success.

Apsara is focused on continuous enhancement of the customer dining experience while offering a highly personalized service. It is the only restaurant in Latin America and the Caribbean that uses warmers fired by hot coals to ensuring that one’s choice of meal is kept warm at your table for the duration of your dining. This is particularly important for maintaining the flavor and taste of authentic Indian Food.

Apsara is currently planning an upgrade of its facilities in Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados to further enhance the dining experience of its customers


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