APSARA BOUILLABAISSE ( Fish & Shrimp Soup ) - An exotic blend of seafood bouillon combined with local root vegetables flavoured with garam masala coconut milk, topped with honey shrimp and cubes of red snapper.

Must Try, Absolutely Delicious!!!

    LAMBIE LENTIL CHOWDER - Fresh Grenadian Lambie cooked in yellow lentils, crab stock and chefs special masala mixture      
    APSARA MASALA SEAFOOD AND OCHRO GUMBO - Fresh chunks of red snapper, shrimp, Crab meat and fresh ochroes, with red & yellow bell peppers, flavored with garam masala and green chillies    
    MURGH ADARAKI SHORBA - Chicken broth delicately flavored with aromatic herbs & spices incorporated with julienne chicken.    
    APSARA LOBSTER SHORBA - Chef’s special creation to delight the taste buds.    
    KHUMB SHORBA - Mushrooms and almond paste blended to smooth perfection with a swirl of rich cream.    

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