LAMB CURRY  -  Pieces of tender Lamb cooked in our Chef’s rich curry sauce…have it cooked to your liking… mild, medium or hot    
    GOSHT KORMA SAJAHANI  - Lamb cooked in a rich combination of cashew nut paste and cream    
    LAMB VINDALOO - Cubes of tender Lamb together with potato, cooked in a rich hot curry sauce    
    SAAG GOSHT - Cubes of tender Lamb cooked together with spinach… Another Indian classic    
    RARRA GOSHT - Succulent lamb chunks cooked with Indian spices in a lamb minced gravy    
    LAMB ROJAN JOSH - Spicy rich blend of lamb, tomatoes, and seasonings…An Indian favorite    
    GHOST KALIMIRCH  - Boneless pieces of Lamb cooked in onion, tomato and black pepper in gravy    
    HYDERABADI MASALA GOSHT - Tender Lamb Curry with onion & cashew nut paste, simmered in a creamy yogurt sauce    



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