MURGH CURRY - Boneless Chicken in a rich curry sauce… have it cooked to your liking…mild, medium or hot!    
    MURGH VINDALOO - A hot & spicy mix of curry chicken and potato – A classic    
    MURGH SAAG BHUNA - Boneless chicken curry, flavored with spinach, fennel, ground coriander and chilies    
    MURGH TIKKA MASALA - Chicken tikka cooked with fresh green chilies, ginger, garlic and tomatoes…Hot & Satisfying    
    MURGH –DO-PIYAZA - Boneless Chicken curry, cooked with an abundance of onions    
    MURGH NAZAKAT - Chicken marinated in an almond nut paste & rare spices. Served in a creamy, peppercorn flavored sauce    
    KADHAI MURGH - Boneless chicken prepared with tomatoes, bell peppers & onions. Garnished with red chilies    
    MURGH MAKHANI( Butter Chicken ) - Chicken Tikka enveloped in a rich tomato based sauce, finished with khoya & butter    


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