MACHI TIKKA - Fresh boneless fish cubed & marinated in lime juice, yogurt & Indian spices, roasted in the tandoor.    

APSARA MUSSELS - Mussels sautéed in garlic & butter and topped with a light curry sauce.

    TANDOORI BABY OCTOPUS - Tender & Succulent Seasoned with the finest Indian spices & roasted in the Tandoor.    
    TANDOORI SCALLOPS - Scallops in garlic, chilli powder & masala, Roasted in the Tandoor.    
    MASALA SHRIMP - Spicy & Delectable.  Fresh whole shrimp seasoned with masala in a rich, thick, tomato, onion & cashew nut paste.    
    SPICY ROASTED CHICKEN WINGS - Exceptionally Tasty!!  Seasoned in Indian spices and roasted in the Tandoor. (4 Pieces)    
    PEPPER LAMBIE - Fresh lambie pan fried in chefs special masala mixture.    
    BHARWAN PANEER TIKKI - Minced cottage cheese filled with nuts and raisins.  Golden fried (4 pieces)    
    ALLO SAMOSAS - A delicious crispy turnover filled with potato and flavored with a medley of Indian spices.    
    CHICKEN SAMOSAS - A delicate, crispy offering of finely minced chicken    
    SHAHI KEEMA ALOO CHOP - Mashed potatoes filled with cooked minced lamb & shallow-fried on griddle (4 pieces)    

RAITA - Mixed Vegetable, Pineapple

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